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The stars aligned for our adventure series, Travel with Me & See, to become a published work, when Carly and Nancy met through their daughter’s Kindergarten class in Seattle. Nancy had just moved back to Seattle for one year upon her mom’s sudden passing and Carly had just moved to Seattle for the first time. With similar interests and experiences living overseas, Carly and Nancy became fast friends.

One day, Nancy discovered that Carly had a hidden illustrating talent! For 8 years Nancy had been holding onto her children’s travel adventure short stories and notes, waiting for the opportunity to arise for when she could take her ideas public. Nancy asked Carly if she would ever consider illustrating a children’s book and Carly replied with, “it has been a dream of mine since I was little!” And since that moment, we haven’t stopped working to turn our little dreams into reality. As Co-explorers with open hearts, we share a bit of our magic and hope that you and your little ones will be filled with your own inspiration and travel dreams.


Nancy Delevoye, Author

Nancy, a Seattle native, graduated from the University of Washington Business School and launched her career with numerous start-up and small business experiences. Always a world traveler, she met her French husband, David, while spending the summer in Barcelona. Today she lives with her husband and their daughter in the South of France with the wish to share different cultural experiences from around the world with young dreamers.


Carly Wadsworth Grimes, Illustrator

Carly, born and raised outside of Detroit, Michigan, graduated from college and followed her dream of working for Nike World Headquarters. Carly played college soccer and has always had a passion for sports and outdoor adventures. During her tenure at Nike, Carly was presented opportunities to live and travel around the world. Having added two adventurous kids along the way, Carly has resided in Portland, Russia, Canada, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Seattle, where she currently resides. Upon extending her education at Parsons in New York City for graphic design, Carly rekindled her love of drawing.



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